DMB Screen Builder

Create Digital Signage, Video-On-Demand and
Digital Menu Board screens

The DMB Screen Builder is a Windows application which lets a user graphically create and publish sets of digital signage, video-on-demand, and digital menu board screens. Using DMB Screen Builder a user can build and preview multiple channels of screens in a stand-alone environment. The DMB Screen Builder offers a publishing component where digital assets and screen control information are automatically delivered to a content distribution service, like the DMB Content Distribution product, for delivery and automatic playback by one or more DMB Media Players.

The DMB Screen Builder will let you do the following:

Design full-screen or multi-zone layouts
Build looping playlists with drag and drop functionality
Create Video-On-Demand interactive screens
Build Touch Screen menus
Design Digital Menu Board screens
Add Live Video streaming
Include local TV Controls (e.g., Turn TV on, set volume, etc.)

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When you are ready to send your screens to the Media Players in your network:

Add Time-Of-Day (i.e., day-parting) and scheduling
Publish only the updated or new files to eliminate unnecessary network traffic
Support for secure file transfer
Local playback ensures that screens continue to play even if the network connection goes down

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How-To Videos
Click here to view DMB Screen Builder "How-To" videos.

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DMB Screen Builder Screenshots:

Video On Demand Screen Digital Menu Board Screen List of DMB Media Players in the network Corporate Digital Signage

Cilutions Digital Signage
DMB Screen Builder Users Guide

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